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SDB-3250 digital motor integrated protector

本保护器按《MT175-1998矿用隔爆型电磁起动器用电子保护器》设计和生产,有些功能和指标优于标准中的要求。产品概述    SDB-3250数字式电动机综合保护器是专用于煤矿井下380V、660V、和1140V供电系统中,配合250A以下矿用隔爆型磁力启动器,实现电动机的综合保护和组网通讯的智能保护装置。    SDB-3250数字式电动机综合保护器具有耗电小、体积小、功能齐全、使用方便、性能稳
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Product purposes

SDB - 3250 digital integrated motor protector is dedicated to the coal mine 380 v, 660 v and 1140 v power supply system, with under 250 a mining flameproof magnetic starter, realize the comprehensive protection of the motor intelligent protection device and network communications.

SDB - 3250 digital motor integrated protector has many advantages such as low power consumption, small volume, complete function, easy to use, stable performance, reliable work and long life. It can completely replace the old protectors such as JDB and ABD8, which are the replacement products of JDB and ABD8. The sdb-3250 digital motor integrated protector is used to improve the function of the magnetic starter and to protect more accurately.


SDB-3250 digital motor integrated protector

Executive standard

The protective device is designed and produced by the electronic protectors of the mt175-1998 mine isolation type electromagnetic starter. Some functions and

indicators are better than the requirements in the standard.

Main function

(1) short circuit protection (2) plugging protection (3) long time starting protection (4) overload protection (anti-timing)

(5) lack of phase protection (6) three-phase unbalance protection (7) leakage (grounding) (8) overvoltage protection/blocking

(9) under-voltage protection/lock (10) overtemperature alarm (11) short circuit test (12) leakage test

Product features

Fully functional motor protection

Protector with digital circuit and single-chip microcomputer technology design, with high precision data processing and advanced protection algorithm, realization of

short-circuit, overload, locked-rotor, long starting, imbalance of three phase current, phase, overvoltage, undervoltage, electric leakage blocking all functions such as

motor protection.

MODBUS communication interface

Communication interface with essential performance, MODBUS communication protocol, convenient access to mine network, all operational data and status can be

uploaded via communication interface. The operation of remote setting and remote control can also be realized to realize the monitoring of the lowest level equipment of

the mine.

48 incident records

Protector record 48 banding time scale of the latest events, may at any time protector motion event query, which has made great fault handling and screening, at the

same time provide more information and basis for accident analysis.

Compatible early products

One-piece chassis, built-in current transformer, compact structure, convenient installation. The appearance size and installation method are consistent with the early

motor protectors such as JDB and ABD8, which can be replaced directly to facilitate user transformation and upgrading.

Wide range setting current

The rated current covers a range of 5 ~ 250A, which satisfies the application of magnetic starter for various specifications such as 80A, 120A and 225A. The current

setting differential reaches 0.1 A, achieving precise setting.

LCD displays Chinese menu

Protector is equipped with 128 * 64 LCD display, Chen Chinese multilayer menu human-computer interaction interface, it can display the run data, running state and fault

state, the current time, such as data, display information is complete.

2 Programmable signal input

2 road isolation of programmable switch signal input interface, and, according to the requirements of network running state feedback signals, external chain and unlock

signal, realize power operation state display, safety chain and fault unlock and various control functions.

Built-in built-in battery

The protective device has a built-in battery, which has the backup battery to support the function, which can support the continuous backup time of not less than 30min.

The circuit supplied by this battery is designed by benan. After the power is off, open the outer shell for querying and setting.

Built-in temperature sensor

The protective device has a built-in micro temperature sensor which can measure and display the internal temperature of the cavity, and can detect the excessive

temperature in the cavity caused by all kinds of anomalies, and send out the alarm information in time.

Auto sleep

When the protector is powered by a backup battery, it can automatically sleep and extend the backup support time to the maximum, automatically activated when

pressing any key or on the power.

Technical parameters

Rated input voltage:AC36V  50Hz                     Allowable voltage fluctuation:60~120%                       The power consumption of the largest:3W                                        Output interface capacity:AC250V/7A  DC28V/7A                  Setting current range:5~250A                                         Protective current range:0~2500A

Resistance measurement range:-25~+125℃         Communication interface:RS485 MODBUS RTU           Battery support time:≥30minutes(consecutively)

Event record number:48 (time scale)                      External dimension:180*42*120mm                                  weight:770g(No busbar and mounting bracket)

Installation:Busbar compression, bracket fixation or guide rail

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