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Central rotary gripping machine

产品概述    HZ-6B型中心回转抓岩机主要用于开凿竖井时抓取井内爆破后松散的岩石和矿物,卸入吊桶以实现出渣自动化操作,对于提高凿井速度和安全可靠性起到了至关重要的作用,并可用于地面抓取松散物料。    HZ-6B型中心回转抓岩机主要用于直径四米以上井筒,岩石块度不大于500毫米的工作环境。中心回转抓岩机技术参数
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Product purposes

HZ - 6 b center gyration grab is mainly used for digging pit when fetching borehole blasting loose rocks and minerals, after discharging into the bucket to realize the

automatic slag operation, to improve drilling speed and played an important role in safety and reliability, and can be used in the ground grab loose material.

The hz-6b center rotary grab is mainly used in the working environment of more than four meters in diameter and not more than 500 millimeters in rock.



Central rotary gripping machine


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