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ZTK(P) series frequency conversion control system

产品概述用途及适用范围    ZTK(P)非防爆矿用提升机电控装置适用于交流变频电动机传动的单绳緾绕式码头缆车提升机(绞车)或单绳缠绕式矿井提升机(绞车)和多绳摩擦式矿井提升机(绞车),可以与新安装的提升机(绞车)配套,也适合于对提升机(绞车)老电控的技术改造。 提升机(绞车)及电控系统构成    提升机(绞车)包括主机和电控系统。主机包括主电机、减速机、卷筒以及液压站、润滑站等。电控系统可简单地
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Product purposes

Use and scope of application

ZTK (P) of explosion-proof for mine mechanical and electrical control device is suitable for the ac frequency conversion motor drive the avoid single rope around the

wharf cable car hoist (winch) or single rope winding the mine hoist (winch) and multi rope friction mine hoist (winch), can be matched with new installation of hoist (winch),

also suitable for the old electric hoist (winch) technical transformation.


Hoist (winch) and electrical control system

Hoist (winch) includes main engine and electric control system. The main engine includes main motor, reducer, drum and hydraulic station, lubrication station, etc.

Electric control system can be simply divided into: control system (PLC control system, auxiliary control system), speed regulation control system (power supply system,

variable frequency speed control system), the operation monitoring system (drivers control console, the daemon), electric control system of hoist (winch).


ZTK(P) series frequency conversion control system

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