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Entrepreneurial spirit
Honor, gratitude, freedom, equality, responsibility, willing, honest, sincere, friendly, optimistic, artisans, surpass

Enterprise warning
Do not be selfish, jealous, do not greed, do not sham, do not self-esteem;
Focus on management, focus on quality, focus on services, and focus on reputation

Business philosophy
Shuangmin mining machine, Best but not expensive; low price and high quality!

Enterprise slogan
Shuangmin mining machines, affections for mines, high-quality services, credit by honesty
Unity and cooperation, excellence and self; mutual help and win-win, pragmatism and truth-seeking

‘Eight Most” of Shuangmin
Our goal that we constantly pursue is “best equipment, best quality, best services, best customer reputation, most reasonable price, highest value created for customers, highest value of the surplus, meeting customer needs to the greatest extent”.

The company’s “Three, Two and One” (unique quality):
"Three dare": dare to admit, dare to suffer, dare to challenge;
"Two no": do not dispute over trifles, do not care;
“One right now”: Yes, right now!