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  Providing technical consulting services for the entire process of the user: Free selection of technical documents, including general equipment drawings, basic drawings, relevant technical requirements, equipment configuration requirements, installation requirements, etc.
Our company provides free maintenance time for one year after delivery. During this period, due to the problem of equipment quality, our company is responsible for maintenance and debugging. The maintenance costs incurred and the replacement costs of non-conforming parts are borne by our company. (except for user artifacts)
Provide timely technical support services for the selection of users, so that users can buy the heart.
Free training for the user operation, maintenance personnel, allowing users to use the rest assured.
Freely conduct comprehensive debugging of equipment for users and meet the factory technical requirements.
The use of non-genuine products (Nilp cylinder iron rods, brake shoes, electrical components, frequency converters, hoists, winch procedures) causes any production accident on the mine, and the company does not assume all legal liabilities.
We can provide life-long repairs to our company's equipment at the request of users, or provide timely and effective emergency repair services at the request of users.
High-quality, preferential prices for long-term, timely provision of various types of accessories, spare parts supply, lifting the user's worries.
Timely and conscientiously fulfill the "three guarantees" obligation.