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After-sales service
Service commitment
   Hebi Shuangmin Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. has been providing customers with high-quality and efficient services since its inception, in accordance with the company's policy of “Quality First, Customer First, Sincerity-based, and Pioneering”. Responsible for the spirit of "customer satisfaction", special commitment to after-sales service:
1. During the warranty period, if any defects or damage to the hoisting machine are caused by our manufacturing, we shall be responsible for the repair and bear the expenses.
2. Outside of the warranty period, no matter what causes the defects or damages, we can provide repair services to restore the equipment to complete normal operation; the expenses incurred are the replacement or supply of accessories manufactured by us, according to the current prices. Enjoy 10% of the float, belong to the matching accessories, and actively contact and follow the matching favorably down 10%.
Third, free to provide customers with a replacement of wearing parts (consumed parts include: seals, O-rings, high-speed nylon rods).
Fourth, whether in the warranty period or in the warranty period, after receiving the user service notice, the general situation within 3 days, the emergency situation rushed to the scene within 48 hours of service, and strive to be quick and thoughtful.
5. Regardless of whether or not the user has service requirements, the company will take the initiative to come to visit on a regular basis and conduct free maintenance and technical consulting services.
Six, pre-sales for the user detailed product performance, operating specifications, use requirements, and provide relevant information, as a good user staff, to provide users with safe, reliable, cost-effective high-quality products.
7. According to the needs of the users, technical training is provided for the winch operators.